github Getting involved

If you want to get involved and contribute with patches or documentation, start by opening an issue. All development happens on the dry-python github project.

stackoverflow StackOverflow

If you are looking for support or troubleshooting, the dry-python tag at Stack Overflow is your best friend. There is a healthy community built around it with thousands of questions and many regular contributors.

gitter Gitter Chat

You can join the dry-python Gitter room at Gitter to chat with other dry-python users and developers.

twitter dry-python tweets

Follow dry-python on Twitter to be notified of project progress, people using it, blog mentions, job offers, and other dry-python news.

Artem Malyshev

Since 2018 — Kaluga, Russia

Creator of the dry-python project. A former member of the django channels maintenance team. Python programmer. Emacs user.


Nikita Sobolev

Since 2018 — Moscow, Russia

CTO at, ElixirLangMoscow organizer


Artem B

Since 2019 — Chelyabinsk, Russia